Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How is Jumping Clay different from other clay?

It is light weight and simply air dried without the need to bake.

Is Jumping Clay safe?

Yes. Jumping Clay is made of non toxic water soluble filler and is not harmful to the human body. Hence it is safe for kids.


Can I paint on the clay?

It is possible but not advisable as the paint does not stick well to the clay. Jumping Clay comes in bright eight basic colours that can be blended together to form a wide varieties of colours and tones. Hence, you can achieve the colour effect without the need to paint.


How long will the finished clay art piece takes to dry?

This depends on the size and thickness of the object and room temperature. Generally smaller object will take about a day or two to dry. Sunlight or air conditioned areas will also help speed up drying time.


Do I need to use glue to join pieces together?

As long as the clay is moist, they can be adhered together without the use of any adhesive.


Can I re-use the clay after it is completely formed and hardened?

No. Once hardened and air-dried, the object is permanent. It can then be used as decorative art pieces or ornaments.


Will Jumping Clay stain my hands?

Jumping Clay does not stain, unless hands are wet. If clay sticks to the hands, it can be easily removed by dabbling it with a drier-textured clay.

Is Jumping Clay waterproof?

No. However, by applying a coat of varnish may help. It can be purchased at most craft stores. We highly recommend our customers to apply a coat of varnish when making jewellery.


Can we draw on the clay?

Yes. You may use a permanent marker/pen to add some finishing touches to your art pieces.


How do I store the balance clay?

After using, keep the unused portion in an air tight container to prevent it from drying. Also avoid extreme heat or cold.


I opened a packet and the clay appears to be very sticky. How do I handle the clay?

The clay is sticky when fresh. If the clay is sticky, remove only the portion of the clay that you wish to use and leave it expose for about three to five minutes. Thereafter, the clay should have a nice texture and be ready for use. Remember to seal or keep airtight any unused portion of clay.