About The Product

Jumping Clay is a marvellous clay that has the following distinctive qualities:-

  • It is non-toxic. Hence, it is safe for children.
  • It is versatile and highly malleable. Hence, it can be easily crafted into simple art pieces to more complex modeling artworks.
  • It is Jasmine-scented and has calming and therapeutic qualities.


  • It is light weight, soft to touch and easy to work with for any age group.
  • It does not crack or stain easily.
  • It dries naturally without the need to bake.
  • No glue is required when sticking the parts together.
  • The colours can be mixed and blended to create any other colours and tones.
  • No paint work is required.
  • It bounces when rolled into a ball. For this reason, it is known as “Jumping Clay!”


Benefits of Jumping Clay:

  • Promotes right brain development and imaginative ability through creative fun and play;
  • Educational development – shape recognition, colour recognition and numeracy skills;
  • Emotional development - builds self confidence, self discipline, encourages self-expression;
  • Increase self esteem;
  • Improve perceptivity and stimulate observation capability;
  • Helps develop fine motor skills;
  • Calming and therapeutic;
  • Enriches, stimulates and improves concentration;
  • Hands-on experimentation with fun - bringing imagination to life!!! Have fun making little “master pieces”